4 Businesses to Try Out During the Pandemic

By Mark Ching

Thinking of starting a new business during the pandemic? Read this article to get some ideas.

Entrepreneurship should not stop even while a pandemic is happening. It should even be encouraged because new businesses will help the economy recover.

But what are the businesses that can give you good returns even in trying times like this? Here are some ideas.

1. Cleaning services

The pandemic has placed sanitation and cleanliness in the spotlight. Surface cleaning isn’t enough; one must also be assured that the home and the business are free from bacteria and viruses that can cause sickness.

This is why professional cleaning services have seen growth last year. According to Fortune Magazine, cleaning companies have boomed in the US and other territories because of the demand.

Thus, you may want to start a cleaning service company in your locality to take advantage of the trend. Don’t want to open a service company? You may just start selling cleaning and sanitation products. That’s experiencing a boom, too.

2. Pet products and services

A report on Reuters last December indicated that the pandemic resulted in a pet boom. Pet adoptions increased exponentially because of the lockdowns–many individuals who were cooped up at home got pets so they have companions.

The pet boom naturally resulted in an increase in demand for pet products. Global pet product sales were up by $125 billion.

Get into this market by selling pet products online. Or you can start a pet grooming service that offers home service.

3. Fitness products

Many fitness buffs were taken aback when gyms suddenly closed during the beginning of the lockdown. Then as the lockdown stretched on with no end in sight, a lot started panicking and went shopping for fitness equipment so they can at least work out at home.

Thus, the companies that sell fitness products gained massive growth during the pandemic. Peloton, for example, soared 350% as many enthusiasts bought into their bikes and workout services.

Get into the action by selling fitness equipment online. Begin with fitness bands and small weights. You can also sell apparel.

4. Virtual tutoring services

Lastly, you can look into starting a service that lets you tutor students via video call. The pandemic has closed schools worldwide, and students are forced to continue their schooling via Zoom or other teleconferencing services.

This may not be enough. According to Education Week, students who were already struggling pre-pandemic are likely to struggle more when they shift to online learning.

This is why online tutoring services are booming during the pandemic, according to Financial Times. Many parents see this is as a necessity to supplement whatever is lacking when their kids are in their online learning classes.

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Mark Ching is the Marketing and Design Head of iRipple. He previously worked in various roles in Imonggo for 10 years, starting as a customer support officer then later as a product manager.

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