7 key ways to build great client relationships during COVID-19

By The iRipple Retail Experts Team
COVID-19 has changed the way service providers and other businesses interact with clients. Most of us are now working from home, which has brought about the difficulty of making strong connections with new clients. Here are 7 tips on how to connect with your prospects even if you can only do so remotely:
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1. Know your client, even before the first meeting

Do your research before your very first call or virtual meeting so that you can make a good first impression. Make sure you know the following:

  • Company history and reputation in the industry
  • Key persons in the company
  • Identify the need or problem that your solution or service can solve

2. Know your product

Who else can embody a mastery of your product or service but you? You can gain your client’s trust by showing them that you truly know what you are offering.

3. Listen actively

Start the meeting with a conversation. Ask the client relevant questions about their business so you are sure that what you will offer will fit their needs.

Here are some questions that you can ask:

  • How’s business?
    What does success look like to you?
    What are your shoppers like?
    Which of the features presented are most important to you?
    What are your pain points?
    What is your digital gameplan?

4. Respond appropriately

Your work is not over after the meeting ends. Send the client the summary of the meeting immediately, and attach any documents, if there are.

Then make sure that you give timely responses if the client has questions, so the client thinks they are a priority to you. If you do not know the answer to the question, you can tell the client that you need more time and promise to give an answer on a future date.

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5. Keep your promises

If you tell a client that you will do something, you have to accomplish it in perfect time. It is useful to still keep a day planner or a calendar (yes, despite just being cooped up at home) so you can keep track of all your obligations.

6. Surprise and delight

Make your clients feel closer to you by always being one step ahead. This can be done via simple things. If they expect something two days later, for example, give it to them one day earlier. Ask them their preferred mode of communication, and make sure you are available thru that. Be in touch even just to ask about their day. Being friendly will open doors to new opportunities.

7. Show genuine care

Do not forget that you’re still talking to another human. Sure, you have sales goals and targets, but always remember that your client may have other priorities during this pandemic. Have a lot of patience, and always be empathetic.


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