How to Take Photos for Your Online Selling Items

By Mark Ching

Increase your sales by improving your item’s photos

Any online seller knows that photos help items sell faster. Buyers are naturally apprehensive to add to their carts online selling items that do not have photos, as they might not look legitimate and they might be scammed.

But posting a photo on your online selling item is not that simple. You have to ensure that they will actually help sell the item faster. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t use photos from the internet

Some online sellers go the easy route and just search for photos on the internet to use for their items. This is bad practice so you should not copy them. The main drawback of this is that your item will look fake. Potential customers will think twice before buying. Do you even have the item on-hand?

If it is not avoidable to use photos from the internet, just keep it to a minimum and do not forget to add photos that you shot yourself.

2. No need for a good camera, a phone will do

It is a misconception that one needs a professional-grade camera to take good item photos. That’s not true at this era of expensive smartphones with high-powered cameras. The camera on your iPhone or Android phone is enough to take eye-catching photos of your items.

3. Choose a good background and ample lighting

The only reason why phone photos look bad is that they weren’t taken well. Harsh but true.

Before taking the first shot, make sure that you are taking it in a good location. Why don’t you try to place your items on top of a good-looking table, or in front of a nice wall?

And you have to make sure that there is ample lighting so that the items will look clear. Try to minimize shadows from covering your items. For example, if your phone is casting a shadow on an item, try using a different light source. Why not turn off your overhead lights and use a lamp to illuminate the item instead?

4. Pro-tip: add your brand to the photo

One good tip to make your photos more legitimate is to add your brand to them. Why not print the logo onto a piece of paper and put that beside the item you are taking a picture of? This way, potential customers will know that your item is legitimate and that you have the items on-hand.

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Mark Ching is the Marketing and Design Head of iRipple. He previously worked in various roles in Imonggo for 10 years, starting as a customer support officer then later as a product manager.

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