5 Best Ways to Keep Your Restaurant Safe During COVID-19

By Mark Ching
What are some of the ways we can keep our restaurants safe during this pandemic?

Now that the MECQ is over, restaurants are once again allowed to host customers who want to dine in. With that opportunity comes the responsibility of making sure that the diners will be safe.

If you have a restaurant, you might find the following tips useful to ensure that your customers, and even your staff, will be safe.

1. Consider outdoor seating

Experts agree that you are less likely to catch the disease outdoors than indoors. This is because air circulates more outdoors, so the droplets that carry the virus dissipate faster. Indoors, the droplets are likely to stay in the air, more so if your restaurant is in an enclosed space without any windows.

If you have the opportunity to put up tables outside your restaurant then you should do so.

2. Provide disposable utensils

It is risky for your staff to handle utensils that have been used by customers. Sure, they can be washed and be sanitized so that the next customer to use it will be safe, but how about the staff who will have to collect them from the table and the dishwasher who will wash them?

Minimize infection by providing disposable utensils and even plates to your customers.

3. Provide transportation for your staff

A good immune system is required to avoid being infected, and the difficulty of finding transportation, or even walking several kilometers, can affect that.

They are also likely to catch the disease from other commuters that they encounter in public utility vehicles that may or may not be following safety guidelines.

So why not consider providing transportation for your staff? This is not only a nice gesture for them; this is also a way for you to lessen the risk of infection for them while they are going home or returning to work.

4. Replace your menus

You should remove objects that can be passed around from person to person. That includes menus.

Replace your typical menu book with disposable ones that can be printed on paper. Or make it digital. Add it onto your website, then encourage your customers to view it there instead. Try making a QR code of the website’s address and paste that onto the table so the customers can scan it easily.

5. Don’t forget the basics

Remember to check the guidelines from the government to make sure your restaurant adheres to it. This may include adding appropriate distance between tables, putting plastic dividers, or even how to sanitize surfaces after every use.

All of these measures may seem like an added cost, but it’s all needed to make sure we are all safe from COVID-19. Better to be safe than sorry.

Mark Ching is the Marketing and Design Head of iRipple. He previously worked in various roles in Imonggo for 10 years, starting as a customer support officer then later as a product manager.

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