Q&A: How has the pandemic impacted businesses positively?

By Bianca Gutierrez
Is there a silver lining for business during the long lockdowns?

More than anything, Covid-19 has given everyone an opportunity to step back, reflect, and grasp the bigger picture. It has, in a very in-your-face kind of way, spelled out for us what are the essentials and who are the people that we cannot live without. For a business executive, this is the time to pivot the business to what is essential and important.

Covid-19 has also forced businesses, even the very traditional ones, to embrace technology in a way that many people have not imagined in the past. Virtual meetings and work from home are tools that many businesses have not thought could possibly apply to their business, until now. Just recently, a 59-year old services company had their national manager’s conference, all on zoom. They realized that they don’t need to wait one year to have a conference to share the results of the different branches and reapply best practices. This type of information sharing can now be done monthly through virtual meetings. Even medical care is now done via virtual consultations, whereas a face-to-face checkup has been the norm since civilization began.

Bianca Gutierrez is the E-Commerce segment head for iRipple.

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