Weekly Learning Bulletin: Yes You Can

By Ima Domingo

“CONFIDENCE is not cockiness. Cockiness is for people with shallow minds camouflaging their insecurities. True confidence exudes from the inside.”

Oftentimes we would find ourselves in situations that would remind us of our fears and insecurities, be it tactless words from other people or disheartening experiences.

These things are inevitable, but they are most definitely survivable. As long as we remember to appreciate the good in ourselves despite the challenges we face, then we will always have the confidence to face anything that comes our way.

Confidence can get us through almost anything. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, Believe you can and youre halfway there.”

Want some tips to boost your confidence? Read through this inspiring excerpt from Francis Kong’s “The Power of Confidence”.

The Power of Confidence 1

The Power of Confidence 2

The Power of Confidence 3


Ima Domingo is iRipple’s diligent training associate.