Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook

By Mark Angelo Ching
Marketing on Facebook

Many small businesses in the Philippines rely on Facebook to jumpstart their business. No wonder, because the popular social media platform has a population of over 50 million Filipinos, so it is easy to gain a following.

But many local entrepreneurs are still wary of setting up a Facebook page for their businesses. Most of these business people are used to the traditional form of advertising, those that involve TV and print ads, and are not yet sold on the idea that they should take their business online.

Some even think that a Facebook page for their business would invite negativity. This is only self-defeating fear, however, and it should be ignored because they stymie your business’s further progress. Here are three reasons why you should go ahead and put your business on Facebook:

1. Having a Facebook page allows you to control the conversation

Sure, having a presence on Facebook gives everyone an outlet where they can post their complaints against your business, for all the world to see. But you must consider that complainers will always complain, and they will post about you whether you have a page or not. And if they post on their own pages and it goes viral, you’d have a harder time turning the negative press around.

In contrast, having the complaint posted on your own page gives you ample time to resolve it before it escalates. You can respond directly to the post, or message the customer directly so you can find a swift resolution offline.

2. You can build a good reputation through Facebook

Any customer can leave comments on your Facebook page. This means that you can also receive a ton of positive feedback from customers who will be happy about your service.

There’s this story about a furniture shop located in Laguna, a province in the Philippines. This shop gets many walk-in customers daily, even if their location is far from the capital. The patrons know that there are furniture stores that are nearer to where they live, but they still make the trip to the Laguna shop because it has the best reviews among furniture shops on Facebook. The positive feedback on the shop’s social media page has effectively given its sales a boost.

3. You can promote your business for free

Of course, the furniture shop did not solely rely on positive reviews to propel it forward. The shop managers were also wise enough to post photos of its best products on the page. They also post information about deals and discounts from time to time.

A Facebook page for your business gives you an opportunity to stay in the minds of your customers. Your fans, or those who liked your page, are already a captured audience so you can push promotions to them for free. Do this regularly so these customers are always updated.


Mark Angelo Ching is a digital marketer and is the Customer Happiness Director for Imonggo.